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ไขควงวัดทอร์คดิจิตอล ANS-R-4 Digital Torque Screwdriver


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ไขควงวัดทอร์คดิจิตอล ANS-R-4 Digital Torque Screwdriver



 Functions and features

  • The torque can be read directly.
  • It will automatically shut down if there is no operation for 10 minutes to save power
  • Operate clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Three working modes of real time, peak value and preset value can be switched freely.
  • Four torque unit options (N.m, Ibf.ft, Ibf.in, kgf.cm).
  • It has the function of storing data in peak mode.
  • Torque direction mark and battery power display
  • Overload protection: After the product is forced to 120% of the full range, the screen will display "oLoRd",
    indicating that it is overloaded and cannot continue to be applied.

Specifications and models

Product modelRange (N.m)Division value (N.m)AccuracyBits SocketWeight
ANS-R-0.50.05-0.50.0001±2%1/4" (6.35 mm)0.4kg.
ANS-R-20.2-20.0011/4" (6.35 mm)
ANS-R-40.4-40.0011/4" (6.35 mm)
ANS-R-80.8-80.0011/4" (6.35 mm)

Technical Parameter

  • Accuracy: double-side 2%.
  • The pre-alarm range is 85% of the preset torque value.
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries.
  • Operating environment: temperature (0~40)C, humidity s85%



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